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   The Arabic alphabet is one of the most widely used alphabets in the world? It has been adapted by many languages, such as Farsi (Persian), Urdu, Punjabi, etc.
    One of the most important things to know about Arabic script is that it's read from right to left. Also, there is no distinction between capital and lower-case letters in Arabic. The script is always cursive, whether typed or handwritten. There are many different forms of cursive writing in Arabic, and Arabic calligraphy is often considered an art.
    The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters. Letters are grouped according to shape, so that the letters that share the same basic shape follow each other in the alphabet. And because letters connect to each other in Arabic, they take different shapes depending on their position in words: final, medial, initial, and independent. In other words, the letter could be one shape when it comes at the end of a word (final), another shape when it comes in the middle of a word (medial), yet another shape when it is at the beginner of a word (initial), and a different shape when it's on its own (independent).

Linguistic solutions for
Eastern Europe and Asia
Linguistic solutions for
Eastern Europe and Asia


Kvaløy Nettverk has been named the exclusive Kontax Translation Manager for Azerbaijan
(2012.11.15)    Kvaløy Nettverk has been named the exclusive Translation Manager in Azerbaijan for Kontax a global press release service specialising in the distribution of multilingual news and information.
   Available in more than 160 countries and over 60 languages, Kontax allows customers in every country to publish and distribute - free of charge - an unlimited number of multimedia press releases in the language of their choice, and to obtain professional translations of their press releases in any other language.
   Kontax users have direct contact with the Kontax translation companies – most of which have ISO 9001 or equivalent certification, and apply EN 15038 quality assurance procedures – appointed in each country to ensure translated press releases are optimised in terms of cost and quality.

Kvaloy Nettverk graduates from Enterprise Development and Training Programme
(2008.08.18)    Kvaloy Nettverk has successfully graduated from the Enterprise Development and Training Programme (EDTP) in the translation services sector in Baku, Azerbaijan. EDTP is a three-year initiative in support of local business development sponsored by BP and its co-venturers in Azerbaijan. The programme is part of BP’s effort to increase local content of their contracts in Azerbaijan and thereby contribute to the healthy and transparent development of the local economy.